Trane HVAC Systems Get Tested So You Don’t.

Trane HVAC Systems get tested in some of the most extreme conditions which is exactly why they are so reliable. I mean, think about all of the different conditions that your HVAC system goes through… In just one season your HVAC system may experience:

  • Torrential Rain Falls
  • Frozen & Snow Covered
  • Extreme Heat From Sitting In The Sun All Day
  • Cold To Warm Weather Changes
  • Dust, Dirt, Leaves, Animals, Other Debris
  • Insects, Rodents, Other Critters
  • ETC

The Great Thing About Trane Is They Care.

One of the biggest reasons we love Trane Products so much is because they care about their customer. Trane knows that you can see all of the conditions above and therefore they rigorously test for the same conditions. It’s honestly quite amazing how much time, effort, and resources Trane puts into their extreme HVAC testing stations. The Trane testing stations are literally something you would see in a movie, just incredible.

These Trane Tests Protect Your Investment.

shake test image for both Trane furnace and air conditioner

1) Shake Test

The Trane Shake test is made to ensure that your Trane Furnace/Air Conditioner still works no matter how much it shakes. This test is very important because your HVAC system must be able to run before, during, and after an Earthquake. There is no worse time for your heating/cooling to stop working than after an Earthquake. The Shake test is accomplished by strapping the tested HVAC system into a big vibration/shaking machine and turning it on for different durations. Since Trane has been shaking their HVAC systems it has allowed them to really protect you against the shakes.
slam test for trane furnace and air conditioners

2) Slam Test

The Trane Slam test was created so that your Trane Product would continue to work in case something slams into it. Things like your kids accidently hitting the HVAC system, tree limbs/branches falling onto your HVAC system, or objects running into your HVAC system are all possible in the world we live in. To protect against your system from not working when something like that happens, the Slam Test was created. The slam test sends a large, machine operated paddle that crashes into the side of each test HVAC system. Now, after many slams from this machine each Trane system can take a beating.
trane cold weather testing

3) Extreme Cold Test

The Extreme Cold Test is ran so that Trane HVAC systems still run in the coldest of conditions. Not all people live in places that do not freeze over, and some people live in extremely cold places. Your Furnace needs to run in the coldest conditions because that is what will be keeping you warm therefore Trane makes sure to test in the coldest of conditions. Each test HVAC system goes against the coldest of conditions in order to ensure that it will brave the cold.

4) Extreme Heat Test

The Extreme Hot Test is used by Trane in order to make sure that your HVAC system can bake in the weather without failing. The sun beats down on your HVAC systems daily, and depending where you are the Sun can be really extreme. Your air conditioner, should not fail just because it gets to hot outside and that is exactly why Trane uses this test. While testing Trane puts their HVAC Systems into a giant oven and blast the heat up to 150 degrees. After letting their HVAC systems roast for a while, they test to ensure their system still works as efficient as it did before.
trane sound testing for hvac systems

5) Sound Testing

Sound Vibrations are much more powerful than you may think, and it’s impossible to escape sound waves. From the large construction project down the street, to the marching band walking down your street, and even that jack hammer waking you up in the morning these daily obstacles shouldn’t effect your heating/cooling. Trane test their systems against sound waves, and loud noises by surrounding in an acoustic boom box. Once the HVAC system is done being blasted by sound waves Trane inspects in to ensure that each system can withstand daily sound waves.
rain test for trane hvac systems

Rain Test

Water is one of Mother Natures favorite things to play with, and Trane knows that. Which is why Trane ensures that each of the HVAC A/C Units are very capable to handle a massive amount of rain. Trane puts their A/C units underneath a huge water shower and let’s each unit get soaked to ensure they will still work no matter how much water it sees. The last thing we want is your heating/cooling to get out just because of a little Rain.

In Conclusion

Trane Heating/Cooling Products are extremely reliable because of all the rigorous testing that Trane puts them through. Tested through the worst of pretty much every condition, Trane ensures that when you finally get their HVAC product it will last efficiently, and continue to serve you for as long as possible.