What are the basics of HVAC?

HVAC systems can be complicated to understand but the basics of HVAC systems are generally the same.

Here are the basics of your HVAC System:

  1. The Furnace – The furnace is the largest part of your HVAC system and is usually located in the basement. The job of the furnace is to move air from your heat exchanger into your vents/air ducts.
  2. The Heat Exchanger – The heat exchanger is located inside of your furnace but carries out it’s own job. Your heat exchanger adds heat to the incoming air from your combustion changer in order to heat your air.
  3. The Evaporator Coil. – The evaporator coil is also located inside of your furnace but has a specific job. Your evaporator coil has refrigerant that runs through it and this causes the coil to cool. As hot air passes over the coil it starts to absorb the heat which now cools your air. This cold air is now available to blow through your vents/ducts.
  4. The Condensing Unit. – The condensing unit is almost like your evaporator coil just for an outdoor HVAC unit. The condensing unit exchanges heat with the air that passes over it therefore unlike your evaporator coil, the condensing unit gives off heat.
  5. The Refrigerant Tubes. – The refrigerant tubes are metal tubes that connect your evaporator coil and the condensing unit which means that these tubes connect your indoor/outdoor HVAC units. These tubes also contain cooling refrigerants under a broad range of temperatures.
  6. The Thermostat. – The thermostat is the most known part of your HVAC system because almost everyone in your house uses it. Your thermostat is the small unit that hangs on your inside wall that allows you to adjust the temperature in your home. The thermostat allows you to control both of your heating/cooling temperatures and now they even make smart thermostats to help maximize your HVAC systems efficiency.
  7. The Ductwork. – The ductwork is made of the ducts that run throughout your house in order to carry the cool/hot air into each room of your home.
  8. The Vents. – The vents are what you see in each room where your hot/cool air comes from.
  9. The Heat Pump. – The heat pump takes heat from the inside to the outside during the warm months and does the opposite during the cool months.